We all love our pets, but we don’t love the soil that they leave on our favorite rugs. One of our clients recently found themselves in a rough spot. Their beloved dog had left some heavy soil on a specific rug. Read more to learn about our Rug Cleaning Case Study. Thankfully, the Expert Rug Spa team was on the case.

Rug Cleaning Case Study

Our clients owned a synthetic rug, and their dog loved it even more than they did. As a matter of fact, the dog had a favorite spot to lay on this rug. The oil from the dog’s skin and fur built up and soaked into that spot forming soil attracting residue.

The owners were running out of options, vacuuming as much as they could simply was not making that area brighter. They didn’t want to throw the rug away and create waste, so they called a carpet cleaning service.

Rug Cleaning Case Study
Rug Cleaning Case Study

Calling in the Experts

The original carpet cleaning service knew right away that they weren’t equipped to handle this job. However, they did know exactly who could handle it. They referred the clients to the Expert Rug Spa team, and that referral made all the difference. We brought the rug into our shop for a deep cleaning service. Our manager inspected the rug to figure out the best course of action. From there, we used our immersion wash procedure, applied heat, and used the appropriate solution to break down that oily residue. When we finished, the rug was clean, sanitary, and spot-free.

Chemistry Matters

Why were we able to remove the stains? Because we understand that chemistry matters. We don’t take a generic approach to our carpet cleaning solutions. We study the fibers of the carpet, the type of soil involved, and any other elements that we deem relevant. Not all carpets are the same. This carpet, for example, had a high pile and lots of material. We knew that we needed a cleaning process that would go deeply into the fibers. We also knew that since the rug was made from synthetic material, it would be safe for us to use heat in the process. (Natural materials need lower temperatures.) Finally, we looked at the chemistry of the stains themselves. In this case, the oil from the dog’s skin had acted as a stain-sealing barrier. We needed specific techniques and solutions that would get through the barrier to the heart of the stain.

Need Expert Help?

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