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Our Rug Cleaning Procedure

Step 1. Pre-Inspection

We will identify the fiber type, construction & dye Stability of the rug, as well as any pre- existing issues.

Step 2. Dry Soil Removal

This is a two step process: First we use our “Rug Badger” that gently vibrates the back of the rug to loosen all deep down dirt and debris, which normal vacuuming and cleaning cannot remove.

Second step, we use compressed air to blow off the remaining dust that is on the surface of the rug. This lets us remove around 90% of the soil before staring the cleaning process.

Step 3. Pre- Conditioning

To emulsify any leftover dirt, spills or pet spots.

Step 4. Cleaning/Washing

Rugs are cleaned in 3 different forms depending on the first step which includes surface cleaned (Unstable dyes), emersion on our wash floor (Pet issues) or full wash using our wash tub. (Hand Knotted/Woven)

Step 5. Rinsing

Depending on the construction and fiber type your rug is either rinsed with fresh soft water or an acidic base rinse if the dyes are unstable. (Since oriental rugs have acidic dyes the rinse needs to have the same properties to ensure no color loss or transfer)


Step 6. Extraction

If your rug is washed we use our “centrifuge” that remove 95% of the water in 3 minutes but also we are able to have a second rinse to ensure all dirt and soap is removed from the rug.

Step 7. Drying

The rug is either dried flat or hung in a controlled environment for optimal results.

Step 8. Post Inspection

Hand groom the rug, followed by a final inspection and then wrapped and/or bagged for pick-up or delivery

Each step of our state of the art rug cleaning process removes stubborn soil and any contaminants utilizing rare machines, and unique methods. Anyone can clean rugs. Like most cleaning endeavors, however, the better the tools, the better the job. Most professional carpet cleaners will clean your rug on your driveway or take it to their own “shop” (their driveway) and “professionally” clean your rug. Even the best van powered machines are not up to the job.

We know. We have tried ourselves!

Expert utilizes 3000 square feet of dusting areas, wash floors, equipment, and drying racks. You may pay a little more per square foot, but your rug will be cleaner, and stay cleaner after being treated to our rug spa!

After thoroughly inspecting the rug’s color fastness and construction type, the rug duster gently shakes loose stubborn particulates embedded deep into the rugs pile and foundation. The large wash tub with organic solutions, softens and begins to emulsify any remaining spots and stains. Our 12 ft long spinning and rinsing machine (like your washing machine) ensures that all solutions and any remaining pollutants are rinsed from the rug. A drinkable, near clear-water results from thousands of revolutions.

If desired, soil protectors are applied, and your valuable and delicate persian, oriental, wool or silk area rug is dried, rolled, and bagged for delivery.


“Like clothes on a spin cycle, our high speed centrifuge, along with a fresh water rinse, is the most effective and gentle way to remove soils, cleaning solutions, and moisture from rugs”


“Some finer woven rugs benefit from the full immersion ‘spa’ as part of the wash process”

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