Welcome To Our Rug Spa Consultation

Quick Information

Look for labels! Many times the label will clearly state the type of rug you have.

We will also need to know the exact size of your rugs including any fringe.

Our specialist will ask and quote your rug cleaning based on all preexisting conditions.

Identifying Rugs

Step 1:

When you are near your rug, flip the back corner of the rug over.

Step 2:

Can you see the same pattern on the front as the back of the rug?

If it is the same pattern on the back as it is on the front, then it is woven and most likely a wool rug.

Step 3:


If the back is covered in fabric and not the same as the top, then it can be tufted and is most likely wool composition.

Existing Conditions

Have your rugs been cleaned before? We need to know of any professional service and even cleaning you have done yourself.


Pets can bring along unwanted pests and increase the likelihood of accidents on your rugs.



Over-watering potted plants can lead to water damage.