If you have dirty rugs, you might be asking yourself – should I use rug washing or dry cleaning? The answer is rug washing. Although it might be convenient to drop off rugs at the dry cleaners with your weekly clothing, rug washing is actually more thorough for cleaning. Better yet, using an in-plant rug washing service produces a deeper clean and keeps your rug looking vibrant for years to come. Still not sure which to choose? This article will describe the pros and cons of dry cleaning and rug washing techniques.

Dry Cleaning Does Not Fully Clean Rugs

Dry cleaning uses methods and agents that are just what they say – dry-textured. While dry cleaning is appropriate for clothing and furniture items with shallow depth, area and Oriental rugs are much more delicate. Area rugs have tightly wound fibers that can cling to the dry-cleaning chemicals. These molecules can form a residue that turns into a hard paste over time that can permanently damage rugs.

Rug Washing Begins with Dusting

Before actually washing the rug, the fibers must be dusted. This process lifts loose dirt and grime from the surface-level fibers of the rug. After this, the best method to wash the rug is immersion cleaning. This technique submerges the rug in flowing water – the water pressure removes dirt from below surface levels. This cleans deep into the rug, making sure nothing is left behind. Another perk of immersion cleaning is that the constant flow of water rinses chemicals from the rug, so no harmful residues are left behind.

Protect Your Rugs with Professional Rug Washing

If you want your rugs cleaned thoroughly, then choosing a professional rug washing company is worth the investment. Even better, only trust your rugs to companies that offer in-plant rug cleaning services. Most in-home rug cleaners use similar techniques and cleaning agents they would use on carpet. This is a problem because carpet cleaning cannot clean the foundation of an area rug – only the tips of carpet fibers. The dirt and grime deep within the rug fibers never get clean. Additionally, the high temperatures and moisture can jeopardize the foundation, causing cracks in your rugs.  Rug washing protects the integrity and helps your rug last longer.

Choosing professional rug washing instead of dry cleaning is an easy choice. Expert Rug Spa has a dedicated rug washing plant and has been trusted in the Long Beach area since opening in 1998. Our team of experts is happy to provide award-winning rug cleaning services that will keep your area rugs vibrant for years. Visit our website or give us a call today at 562-222-3593.