How To Make Your Rug Last Longer

Whether it’s brand-new or has been passed down for generations, your rug deserves the best rug care, and you want to make sure that you can make it last. Is there any way to extend the life of your rug? As a matter of fact, there are plenty of ways to do exactly that. At Expert Rug Spa, we’re passionate about rug care. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your rug for years to come. To help your rug last for a long time, follow these rug care tips.


Clean Regularly, But Clean Correctly

Your rug can benefit from a regular cleaning process. Maintenance cleaning helps keep dirt and stains out of your rug. If you wait too long, those substances can get ground into your rug’s fibers, leaving a much more difficult cleaning job in their wake. Regular cleaning keeps your rugs spot-free so that you can keep enjoying them.


That said, you’ll want to make sure that your rugs get cleaned correctly. Improper cleaning can do more harm than good, especially for older, handmade, or particularly delicate rugs. Some cleaning companies only use harsh chemicals. You’ll want a company that uses cleaners specific to your rug type. With the correct kind of cleaning, you can extend your rug’s life.


Lift Stains as Soon as Possible

On a similar note, you should take care of stains as soon as possible. If you can help it, never give stains a chance to set. The sooner you lift the stains, the easier those stains will be to remove. Given too much time, stains can become permanent. For the tough stains like red wine or pet waste, you can hire a professional rug cleaning service. Again, though, make sure that this service is equipped to handle your specific rug type.


Use Dye Stabilizers on Antique Rugs

When looking for your rug cleaning service, look for one that uses dye stabilizers. Dye stabilizers keep a rug’s dyes from bleeding. This is especially important for antique rugs that were made with more delicate dyes.


Call Expert Rug Spa For The Best Rug Care

One of the best things you can do for your rugs is to call Expert Rug Spa. Our rug care team uses a complete multi-step process to clean your rugs without harming them. We never cut corners with our work. Contact us today to find out how we can help you care for your rug.