Making your home an inviting and warm place to be in can be a challenge for anyone. Because of this, the market is full of thousands of ways to make your home your own. However, two items can give your home the feeling you are looking for. Both rugs and carpets add a unique homey feel to anyone’s home. Unfortunately, both rugs and carpets require occasional cleaning for them to maintain their vibrancy and texture. A common question we hear is, what is the difference between carpet cleaning and rug cleaning? Here are some of the key differences between rug and carpet cleaning. Also, we will discuss rug cleaning services that are available to you.

Going to The Cleaner or The Cleaner Coming to You?

One major difference between a rug and carpet is your ability to move it. In fact, most of the carpets you see today are physically attached to the room that they are in. However, for the most part, rugs can be moved from room to room. This movement issue has implications when it comes to cleaning your carpet or rug. For example, if you want your carpet cleaned, a cleaning service will more than likely have to go directly to your home. This can add expense when considering how you want your carpet cleaned.

On the other hand, rugs are potentially easier to transport. With this ease of transport, you will be able to take your rug to a rug cleaning service. Without any transportation cost, rug cleaning services have the potential to be more affordable than their carpet counterparts.

The Chemicals You Use Matter 

Another significant difference between carpet and rug cleaning is how you clean them. For the most part, a variety of cleaners can be used on carpet without any harm coming to the carpet. However, rugs are a very different story. Rugs, especially heirloom rugs, are very delicate. Since rugs are so fragile, the cleaning process needs a bit more attention, and the right chemicals need to be used.

Also, an important thing to remember is that rugs are usually much older than carpets. Carpets are often ripped out and replaced with new ones, depending on the home or property. However, rugs are much older and are usually passed down from family member to family member. The rug’s age reinforces the idea that only the most delicate of care and chemicals should be used when cleaning your rug.

The Rug Cleaning Service You Should Choose 

Rugs are not only a vibrant addition to your home, but they can also have sentimental value attached. That is why you need to choose rug cleaning services that care about your rug as much as you do. If you live in the Long Beach area, Expert Rug Spa is the choice for you. Here at Expert Rug Spa, we take pride in offering industry-leading rug cleaning techniques at prices that can fit anyone’s budget. Check out our website today and learn how you can restore your rug to its former glory.