Are you looking for rug cleaning services? If so, you need to consider in-plant rug cleaning to keep your rugs in optimal shape. In-plant rug cleaning techniques are specific to how rugs are made and can penetrate the fibers to get rid of dirt and grime. If you are new to the rug cleaning game, here are a few reasons why in-plant rug cleaning is effective.

The Basics: Area Rugs are Not Carpet

Area rugs are structured differently than carpet. Therefore, the two need different cleaning methods to get fully cleaned. Carpet has plastic backing, and area rugs have intertwined fibers that trap soil more easily.  Area rugs require special dusting equipment, not just a vacuum and shampoo like carpet. The real damage to area rugs is deeper down – so vacuuming/moisture doesn’t get deep enough to the dirt in the foundation. Moisture mixes with dirt and agents to make hard plaster that cuts fibers, accelerates wear, and causes fibers to crack.

The Immersion Method of Rug Cleaning

Because area rugs have tightly-knit fibers that trap dirt and dust, vacuuming and shampooing are not appropriate methods to fully clean the rug. In-plant rug cleaning uses a technique called “immersion cleaning.” First, the rug is inspected and dusted to remove surface-level dirt and grime. Then the rug is submerged in flowing water. Immersion cleaning rids dirt from the fibers below surface levels in the base of the rug. Most installed carpet is synthetic, so it benefits from some strong cleaning solutions and heat. An immersion is both relatively neutral and cold. This is safer for fine area rugs that are usually made of wool, as strong solutions are not used.

Prevent Damages with In-Plant Rug Cleaning

Most in-home rug cleaners utilize similar techniques and cleaning agents to what they would use on carpet. This is a problem because carpet cleaning cannot clean the foundation of an area rug – only the tips of carpet fibers. If only the surface of the rug is cleaned, the dirt deep down never gets touched. The strong solutions used in-home are damaging to natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton. It is possible to chemically burn those fibers in the worst case if a technician does not have enough experience and training. Lastly, in-plant cleaning ensures your rugs are dried safely and quickly. The faster the rugs are dried, the lower the risk of mold and mildew growth.

If you have rugs that need professional cleaning, consider using an in-plant rug cleaning service. Expert
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