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Every Heirloom and Large Area Rug Deserves Our Rug Spa Service

Hand-Knotted Rugs

Many of these antique hand woven rugs from the Near East and Asia have been passed down from generation to generation. Not always certain where each rug was made, we may decide to take the precaution of using dye stabilizers. This ensures that the vibrant reds and purples of your rug do not migrate or “bleed.” Afterwards, we dust the rug to remove dry particulate before your rug gets a thorough washing in our wash plant.

Machine Woven Wool Rugs

Machine woven wool rugs offer all the long lasting benefits of wool with more contemporary designs that fit more modern styles of decorating. A pet accident or use of the wrong spotter are some of the only things that can hurt the color here. These durable, heavier pile rugs often hide soil and fine particulates deep inside. Therefore, a thorough dusting comes first, followed by an immersion wash.

Tufted Wool Rugs

Tufted wool rugs are one of the more common types of rugs we find in a home in this area. These rugs use a latex-based adhesive to bond a secondary backing to the rug. So, over time the latex can break down to a powdery substance often left on the floor. Normally, we do not immersion wash tufted rugs for this reason. These rugs must be carefully cleaned in order to maintain the integrity of that latex and the backing. Upon inspection of your rug, we will discuss options for the most effective cleaning.

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